2013 UFO list

Here is a list and photo's of where my UFO's are currently at

1. Advent Calendar

Started many years ago, been on the frame so long some of the colours have faded. Really would like to get it finished while I still have children young enough to enjoy it. 

 2. You & Me Dolls

Quilt was finished ages ago but I still haven't made the dolls that go with it. I will have to find the pattern for the dolls though as I have only found the quilt pattern.

 3. Pinwheel Quilt

One of the more recent projects, came to a standstill while I have been concentrating on the secret project I am making.

4. Popcorn Cross Stitch 

Completed! 19/3/13
Something I started when I had nothing to do, got put away when I was busy.

5.  Number 1 Dad Card

Started this one last year but it got put away cause I never finished it in time for Fathers Day.

 6. Patchwork Teddy

Started after I made a quilt for a friend with this fabric. I will need to find the rest of it before I can finish it.

7. Winter Geisha Cross Stitch

Started a long time ago, was taken off the frame because I was finding it hard to get the pattern to match the printed areas. Would still love to see it finished.

8. Read Me Bookmark

Started while spending time at the hospital got put away when we got home.

9. Topiary Candlewicking

Another one that was started ages ago, have worked on it on and off and only have one tree to finish now.

 10. Christmas Stitchery

Started when my eldest children were doing swimming lessons, it was meant to be a gift for the swimming teacher :( They are now nearly finished high school.

I am sure there are more which I will add when I find them.

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