Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Meet Kim the Little Kitty!

I have finished another little project. This one was made for a friend who lost a lot in the recent floods up here. I hope it will brighten her day a little.

Made with a pattern by One & Two Company

Saturday, 9 February 2019

My first finish for the year might have taken a while but my second one was nice and quick!

This one was a few days in the making mainly due to a blackout but at least now it's done!

A blue froggy bookmark for a friend! (DD thinks he looks like Grover!)

Friday, 8 February 2019

Soo Excited!!!

The kit I was talking about yesterday arrived today! I was worried it may have been lost or damaged in the floods but it arrived safe and sound!

Any guesses to what it might be?

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Finally a Finish!

It took a while this year to get a finish but here it is! My version of Little Ella pattern is by  Little Aqua Girl. I am so happy with it! I just love Erinna's patterns they are so amazing and easy to follow. In fact, I just bought a kit from her for one of my next projects! I wonder what it will be...

Anyway here are the photos of Little Ella in green!

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

So It's been a while!

I feel like it's been forever since I posted here, 2018 was a year of changes for me which meant I needed time to adjust hence the no postings! Hopefully, now that things are settling down a bit I will get time to not only do some crafting but also to post here. One of the first things I did when I got back on was to update my 2018 Finishes page. It's always great to see what I've completed throughout the year and I did still manage to get quite a few finishes last year despite the adjustments. 

I know I am a bit late joining in but I am going to try and join Kate at  Life in Pieces for 15 Minutes to Stitch and even though I shouldn't start anything new (because I still have UFOs from 2013 to finish!) I am going to join in with the No Fuss Stitchalong. They are doing the Romancing the Road Trip Quilt and it is one I have been wanting to do for ages! With a bit of encouragement and inspiration from them I might just get it done (or at least get it well on the way!) 

I am also a bit obsessed with Amigurumi now! I love making these little creations and seeing how each one develops their own little character! This the one I am currently working on.

I am hoping to finish it very, very shortly but I had a little bit of trouble finding the right size safety eyes. I have ordered some online but it looks like they might be delayed due to the flooding we are experiencing here at the moment. But I didn't let that stop me! I found a magazine with a kit on it that might just have the right size eyes! So watch this space! 

I also decided to give some other crochet a go and I have been working on this 
I still have a few more rounds to go on it but hopefully, it will look alright when it is done.

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Yes I am still here!

It's been a while I know!
So here is a little look at some of the things I have been doing

                                                   This was for a friend who reads a lot!
            A better look at his face
 I started on a new quilt to go on my new bed :0)
 This little guy is just for fun!

This will be a housewarming gift for my niece when she moves.

Monday, 29 January 2018

15 Minutes to Stitch Update

So I haven't ended up keeping up the good progress from week 1 of the year. Week 2 I managed to stitch / crochet for 5 days and since then I haven't done anymore. We went away for a few days in week 3 and Week 4 was a blur with back to school, so nothing was done. I am here to report in and get myself back on the stitching wagon!

Days with stitching this week:  0 out of 7 
Days with stitching this month:  12 out of 27 
Days with stitching this year:  12 out of 27
Success Rate:  44%

Heading over to Life in Pieces to get motivated by checking out what everyone else is up to

Monday, 8 January 2018

Master Nines Work

Master Nine has been trying to get me to post this for a long time now and I kept forgetting, but today I have been putting the 15 minute concept to work in lots of areas and getting so much done! One of those 15 minute segments I decided was to take the photo and do the post so Master Nine will be able to have a rest from reminding me! So without further adieu here is Master Nines sand art!

I think they turned out really well don't you?

Sunday, 7 January 2018

15 Minutes to Stitch

I am sew glad that Kate from Life In Pieces has bought back 15 Minutes to Stitch. When she was running it before I made great progress on my cross stitch which went from this 

to this

By just doing 15 minutes a day on it. It kind of fell by the wayside again after that and sad to say it still isn't finished. I did attempt to start it again but I have misplaced the chart at some point along the way. Now that 15 Minutes to Stitch is back I might just be a bit more motivated to go looking for the chart again!

This week I have not been working on the cross stitch. Monday I bound a quilt that was patiently waiting to be finished, Tuesday I machine stitched a binding on another quilt that needed binding, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I was working on this little guy ( yes I am counting crochet as stitching time!)

Saturday I started the hand stitching on the binding then got distracted by another crocheted creature, but today I hadn't done anything when I saw the post for the link up. I looked at the clock and realised I had just enough time to get my 15 minutes in before it was 12pm so I quickly got my  around the bases blanket out and did 15 minutes on that so now it looks like this
It is getting close to finished now and with 15 minutes of stitching a day I reckon it could be finished sooner rather than later which is what would happen if I just worked on it every now and then like I have been. By doing that tonight it also means I have done 15 minutes of stitching every day this week! 

I love the way Kate is recording her progress this year and I think I will follow suit because I think it might just keep me motivated to do a bit more this year!

Days with stitching this week:  7 out of 7
Days with stitching this month:  7 out of 7
Days with stitching this year:  7 out of 7
Success rate:  100% 

Might have been by the skin of my teeth but it's an awesome way to start the year! LOL

Thanks Kate for keeping me stitching!
Check out how everyone else is going over here

Now I need to figure out how to put the button back on my sidebar!

Monday, 1 January 2018

OMG project January 2018

Ok so I really need to get finishing things again so I am going to link up over at Elm Street Quilts for the One Monthly Goal challenge. For January I have decided I want to get this quilt bound. 

I have way too many quilts waiting to be bound so if I can get one a month off the list I will be very happy! I wonder what everyone else will be working on? Go here to find out!

Happy New Year 2018

I hope the year brings you all lots of fun, laughter, joy and dancing!

I got the year off to a good start by finishing off this quilt that has been waiting patiently to be bound today. It is so nice to finally have it finished.
How have you spent the first day of 2018?

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

Another finish for a friend

I finished this little fella last night  and delivered it to my friend today. Luckily she was happy with it.

Trying to find the right colour for his eyes proved very challenging and I'm still not sure about these ones, what do you think?