~ 2017 UFO's ~

Here I will post photos of how projects started at the beginning of 2017 so that I can see progress...

1. Fabric / Crochet Blanket

These will be crocheted around and joined together to make a blanket, at the moment I am still working on doing the blanket stitch around the squares.

2. Around the Bases CAL

Still have a lot of rounds to do on this.

3. Amigurumi Bunny

Completed 2-2-17

Arms and legs still need to be made and then it needs to get put together.

4. Hatched and Patched Sewing Bag 

Stitcheries and one appliqué side need to be completed and bag put together.

5. Stitchery Sampler Book 

Still have lots of pages to complete from this Hugs n' Kisses Stitch along.

6. Gail Pan Bird Stitchery 

Still need to figure out what to do with this one.

7. Stitchery 

I think this was supposed to be a pincushion but this is as far as I got.

8. Stitchery 2

Another one I have forgotten what it was for but will stitch it up and make something with it.

9. Advent Calendar

Yep it's still on here! Still need to do the backstitch and make the little ornaments to hang from it.

10. Round Robin Quilt 

This has been waiting forever for the faces to be embroidered.

11. Hexagon Bear BOM

Still have many more bears to paint and then I need to put the quilt together, I won't be using the hexagons though.

12. Fig 'n Berry Block of the Month

Only managed to finish this block and then something was spilt on it without me knowing and the cotton ran because it was folded up. Hopefully it will come out with a colour catcher in the wash.

13. Accuquilt Table-runner

Started this then had to unpick it so I need to start again.

14. RSC 2014

Don't think I even made it to the end of January with this one.

15. Hello Moon Quilt Along

Completed 6-6-17

Hoping I will be able to finish this one but I am not sure if I saved all the patterns.

16. Reindeer Table Runner

Still have most of this to do

17. Gail Pan Sewing Pocket

Can you see when I started this one?

18. Hexie  Mug Rug by Hugs 'n Kisses

Made one but didn't finish the second one.

19. Flutter-by Mobile from Snug as a Bug by Melly &Me

Only got as far as getting the fabric for this one

20. Dala Horse by Rosalie Quinlan

completed 2-1-17

Think it is just a matter of stuffing and putting embellishments on.

21. A Boys Story Robot by Hatched and Patched

completed 2-1-17

Bought the kit and thought I could figure it out without the pattern as I couldn't afford the book at the time.  Had to wait for a reprint of the book which I have now so I can finally make it! 

Yep the list keeps getting longer! 

22. Fig 'n Berry Wish Upon A Star Stitcheries

You can hardly see what I've done on these I decided to use glittery thread and only got the Halo and part of a star done on the first one

23. Owl Quilt

I started this one a few years ago, there really isn't that much more to do.

....probably more to come I just haven't found them yet....

Ok so I was going through some photos and found some more projects I haven't finished yet so I'm adding them to the list

24. Pile of Fabric BOM Skill Builder
I started this when it first came out and I think I was a bit intimidated by the idea of it being a quilt as you go method.

25. Pinwheel Paradise Quilt
I think I trimmed the first row of blocks to the finished size before sewing them together and was trying to decide what to do with it when this one stopped

26. You and Me Dolls

Made the quilt but never made the dolls to go with it.

27. Hello Sun Quilt

Made the strip set when I was making Hello moon but that was as far as I got.

28. Bottled Rainbows Quilt
Made the first  block and decided to use a decorative stitch and wasn't happy with it so it came to a halt

29. Apples Of Gold BOM
Started this back in 2014

30. Layer Cake Sampler QAL
Completed 19-7-2017
Just waiting for binding

31. Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt
Just waiting for binding

32. Jelly Roll Strips
These were cut for another quilt but I have heaps left over so I really should use them for something!

33. Christmas Stitchery

Was supposed to be a gift for my eldest kids swimming teacher (they are now 21 & 20) My Bad!!!

34.Topiary Candlewicking

Can't even remember when I started this one!

35. Geisha Cross Stitch

Got frustrated with this and stopped working on it as it was a printed background and I couldn't get the stitches to marry up with the edges and kept having to adjust it

36. Patchwork Teddy Bear 

This was supposed to go with a quilt I made probably 20+ years ago

37. Sedona Star Quilt

Yes there probably is still more to come...


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  1. You have some wonderful projects there - I hope we can both make big dents in our lists. So glad to see your page..