Thursday, 16 May 2013

Doll is finished

I finally finished the doll. I didn't realise just how long it would take, there was alot of detail in the doll.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Six Months of Softies month 3

I received my latest "Six Months of Softies" pattern this weekend and I wasn't feeling like getting out the sewing machine after running around town all morning so I decided to work on it as it is a hand sewn toy this month. This is what I got done on it this afternoon.

It is much bigger than I thought it was but that is a good thing! I hope it turns out as nicely as the ones I have seen pictures of. I still have to make the toy from the second month as I was busy working on something else when it arrived!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

It's for the Birds!

I have been waiting for today to arrive. It's my day on It's for the Birds blog hop. 

Thank you so much to  
for all the hard work they have done to organise this blog hop.

Also thank you to our sponsor


Ever since I signed up for the blog hop I have been surrounded by inspiration.
 In my garden

on my calendar

in the craft magazines I was searching through to find another pattern 

and a gift from a friend.

There were a few things I had been eyeing off at my favourite sewing shop too, so this blog hop gave me the perfect opportunity to buy them and make them. I have fallen in love with the Teddlywinks range of birds. So my first project was this Redwork wall hanging.

Then I started an appliqué 

but I am just not that interested in appliqué after recently completing a very large quilt using this method.
Part of the quilt which is a surprise for someone so you can only have a sneak peek!

So instead I made these two bags. I experimented a little with these making one with pellon wadding and the other with bag wadding. It was interesting and both waddings have their pluses and minuses.

I was hoping to get one of these Funky Friends made 
but unfortunately other things got in the way

Maybe I will do something with this too after being inspired by Bente on Tuesday.

Thanks for visiting my blog and don't forget to visit the other participants in the blog hop for lots of wonderful and interesting projects.

Thursday, May 9

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

WIP update!

Just a little post to show you what I am working on at the moment.

I have a quilt to bind
Can you guess what it is?

I cut out this quilt which is for a friend.

I am helping out a friend with this quilt, who doesn't have time to finish it at the moment.

And finally I am finishing up my projects for the "It's for the Birds" blog hop, but you will have to come back tomorrow to see those projects. There is some wonderful work going on there  I am just about to head over there and check out today's group of wonderful creations. Here are today's links just in case you want to join me!

Wednesday, May 8

and don't forget to see what everyone else is up to at 

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

It's for the Birds blog hop started today. I have just been visiting the very creative people who have been making things for this blog hop and there are some amazing creations out there. If you have time check them out!

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