Sunday, 23 February 2014

A finish

I whipped up this little coin purse overnight, it was very quick and simple to make. (unless you put the pleats in backwards like I did!) Which was the only reason I had to finish it off this morning.

Monday, 17 February 2014

Komodo Dragon

I forgot to post about this little fellow. A friends son had asked the girls in at the shop if they could make him a dragon. Not the type with wings though. Eventually we discovered it was a Komodo Dragon he was talking about. I looked and looked for a pattern but could not find one. Then I came across this little cutie at Funky Friends Factory 

I thought with a little modification it might just work. When I found out his birthday was coming up in just a few days I bought the pattern and set to work. It turned out I didn't need to do too much to modify the pattern because of the way Pauline had constructed Igor. All I had to do was leave out the beard and wallah I had a Komodo Dragon. What do you think?

I was a day late with the gift but our friend was very happy with his gift!

Two Finished Tops

Yesterday I finished the quilt top for my son. I must say by the time it was finished I was glad to see it finished. It was huge!!!

This photo only shows half of the quilt top. The main thing is he is happy with how it turned out. Now I just have to get it quilted.

The second one I finished today was the accuquilt sampler I was making for Marci's Shop. It was nice and quick and we learnt some important lessons about using the accuquilt by making this quilt top.

This one was much easier to handle! 

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

WIP Wednesday

I have made a good start on my calendar quilt, actually it is not the one I had planned to work on but my son came out and asked if I would make him one of the quilts that was featured on this months calendar. I had planned to make one for a friend using this pattern but I was so excited that my son asked me to make one for him I have started his first. This is going to be a fairly quick and easy quilt so I am still hoping to get one made for my friend in different colours.

I have the first block made and the rest is cut ready to sew.

BOM's Away

I love it when your vision starts to become real. When I saw the pattern to Apples of Gold, the 2013 free BOM by Val Laird,  I just knew my Aunt would love it. The following day I walked into Marci's and found the perfect fabric to make it. Now I am putting it together I am grateful that I saw how perfectly the two things would go together. I have only made two blocks so far but I am loving how it is looking. I hope my Aunt will love it too when she gets it.

Linking up with BOM's Away. Don't forget to check out what BOM's others are working on.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Some Slow Stitching

I spent some time today working on my Apples of Gold block. I am hoping to get the embroidery finished soon so I can piece the block later this week. Here is my progress so far. Hoping to do a bit more on it tomorrow.

Linking up to Slow Stitching Sunday (yes I know it is Monday, I am still catching up !0) ) Over at Kathy's Quilts. You should check out some of the inspiration that keeps me going over there!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Catching up

I spent this morning catching up on some of my RSC sampler blocks I managed to make 5 so I just have 1 more blue one before I start on the pink ones.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

January Goal Progress Report

The Bargello I was working on in January was finished and hung up at Marci's I have only just managed to get a photo of it completed.

I love the way it was quilted.

I also finished the calendar quilt top I was working on but I forgot to take a photo of it before I put it in to be quilted .

Chester was finished.

I made progress on my Advent calendar cross stitch and ended the month with this much done

I started the first part of my Sedona Star quilt, this is going to be a long term project.

It took 5 days of February but I also managed to finish the Summer Fun BOM top (I was really excited to get it finished and took it into Marci's so it could be quilted for display in the shop and guess what? I forgot to take a photo of it. I really need to get a new bag so I have my camera with me all the time)

I also managed to make some blocks that weren't on my list for January for the RSC Sampler

Now onto February's goals! ... :0)

Sunday, 2 February 2014

February Goals

After I finish the Last little bit of my January goals (putting a few borders on)

I will

1. Complete Thought of the Month by Hugs 'n Kisses

2. Make progress on my Advent Calendar

3. Finish this top

4. Start a Mix and Match sampler By Accuquilt

5. Make Some of these blocks by Quilter's Cache

6. Finish my blue blocks and make the pink ones  for the RSC Sampler

7.  Make 1 or 2 more blocks for the Apples of Gold BOM by Val Laird

8 Make my own version of this quilt

9. Make a Diggles the Dragon By Funky Friends Factory

10. Finish appliquéing these circles on, this is my new technique for February (needle turn appliqué)