Sunday, 28 April 2013

Quick and Easy Camera Bag

I wanted a camera bag for my point and shoot camera just to give it a little added protection so I put this one together. It is ever so easy and quick to make.

Step 1.

Measure your camera.

Step 2.

Add allowance for the width of your camera, I added 2 inches. Add 2 inches to the length then double it. You now have the size of the fabric you need to cut. Cut 1 in the fabric for your bag and one for the lining, also cut one this size from iron on interfacing. To add a little more protection cut one from some sort of wadding in the thickness of your choice. Because I had already had a camera broken in my handbag I went for "inn-control plus, the superior batting alternative, double-sided fusible to save you time."(quote from the bag)

Step 3.

Sandwich the wadding between the outer bag fabric and the iron on interfacing, and iron. If using inn-control plus iron both sides making sure you iron along the edge of the wadding to secure it well.

Step 4
Fold in half right sides together and pin both pieces.

Step 5 
Sew along both sides of both pieces. Leave a small opening in the bag outer in the area without wadding for the cord or ribbon.

Step 6
Put the lining and bag outer together right sides together. You may want to pin them together so they stay in place.

Step 7
Sew the top together leaving an opening to turn the bag through. Turn the bag right side out.

Step 8
Ladder stitch the opening closed.

Step 9
Top stitch a line around the top of the bag just under the hole we left earlier for the cord or ribbon. You can also edge stitch around the top of the bag if you choose to.

Step 10
Use a safety pin to thread a ribbon or cord through the opening we left earlier.

Step 11
Tie a knot in the ribbon or cord.

Now put your camera in your bag and take it with you everywhere so you can capture amazing photos.

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