Tuesday, 15 July 2014

BOM's Away and Tuesday Stitching

I haven't worked on my Apples of Gold BOM in ages so I decided to get it out and do a little last night. I made a little progress on it.

Maybe if I continue to work on it a little each week it will get finished soon.

Today I had a lovely day stitching with a wonderful friend. I always feel refreshed and uplifted after a day stitching with her I think it's because we have such a wonderful time and lots of laughs!
This is what I worked on today.

Linking up with Lynn's BOM's Away.


  1. Just commenting on your post on another blog :) You can find everything you need at SewClassic,
    I got the material for the leather treadling material on ebay. You just get one a little longer than you need and snip it and staple it together. As you use it that material will loosen up a bit, you take out the staple, snip about a 1/4", staple, treadle away.

  2. Your embroidery is lovely! I love spending the day stitching away with a friend, the hours just slip by.

  3. I agree :D Stitching is wonderfully soothing. Perfect for an evening on the sofa with my honey while we watch a show, or sitting with some friends. Your lines look so good, too!