Thursday, 23 November 2017

Another Catch up

I have been so busy making things I haven't been posting much lately so here is a little catch up!
I have been eyeing this guy off at Frazzy Dazzles for a long time and Jennifer had recently put some kits up in her etsy store so I just couldn't resist any longer. Master 9 wanted him but I said no way he is mine!

I finally finished the boy bunny to go with the ballerina bunny for my friend. I was pretty happy with the way he turned out as I came up with the changes myself to make him a boy :0)

This one was a birthday present for a friend

And this one will be amongst the first offerings on my new facebook page where I will be selling some of my creations. Check it out at The Littlest Bird


  1. Such beautiful work,well done,you are very clever xx

  2. Beautiful creations, good luck with the selling on line.

  3. They are so cute! I am sure they will sell well! xx

  4. These are totally are so creative.
    :) Karen