Thursday, 14 March 2013

Fun Froggie

Today I had fun creating a wonderful little frog from this book from Melly and Me

He was really easy to make and I have a special recipient in mind for it but I have to make a few more things before I can hand it over.

I think I may have put his face area on the wrong way, but at the time I was sure I had it the right way round ohh well! He is a long faced frog now! I also think I would have found it easier to put the eyes on before stuffing him but then they might have ended up in the wrong position too!

I'll have shorts this colour please!

Now he is all ready to hit the beach!

I loved how easy this pattern was to follow and by photocopying the pages I could tick off each step as I had done it (ensuring I didn't get lost if I was interrupted, which happens quite frequently around here!) with out ruining the lovely book! I love the pictures and hints and tips in the book, it just made making the frog so simple.

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