Friday, 3 March 2017

Time to Fess Up!

Ok so February was a bit of a bust for me. I didn't do anything on my OMG project so today it still looks like this 

I didn't get any of my teal blocks made for the RSC
Instead I crocheted rabbits and started a new project (you know one of those DREAMi projects or Squirrels that just have to be made NOW!) , which I hoped to at least get the top finished until I went to put the first border on (on Sunday) and discovered that the extra fabric I had bought was the wrong fabric! So even that didn't get to the point I hoped it would.  Then I started another project which has been sitting for a few days now just waiting for some finishing touches. February has been spent adding to my UFO list instead of marking things off it (rolls eyes) So guess what my projects will be for March....Yep all those things I didn't finish in February, plus four rabbits I was asked to sew today, one sewn dinosaur, a crocheted octopus, three crocheted dinosaurs and maybe a crocheted elephant and a crocheted panda.  I also got my Meadow Mist Mystery quilt back from the quilter so I would like to put the binding on that too.  
Uhh ohh just remembered I still have a crocheted bunny or two I still need to finish too..... Looks like March is going to be busy!!!! 
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  1. Hehe you go girl!! Nothing wrong with the odd DREAMi moment or two. Hope you can get back on track though with the right fabric here and there and some finished bunnies and so on!

  2. Wow your quilt is looking fantastic,lol we all have our dream moments,wish I could crochet ,I love those crochet bunnies,hope you have a lovely day .

  3. Love your "owl" quilt...cute !
    Guess you can get a little bit of sewing in at FNwF this month... xox

  4. Some months are just that way. Good luck with all your projects in March, that's a lot of stitching!

  5. You only have to pick one thing for OMG! Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and good luck on your project.

  6. You've done a bit on a lot of things, well done! March is going to be a busy finishing month for me too.... hmmm... I'd better get at it!! Thanks for joining in on Finishing Stitches! xx