Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Awesome Progress

My friend Tracie wanted to learn to crochet and she asked me if I could help her, so we started with a few stitches and she had a go at doing some granny squares. Over the weekend she came over again as she was having little bit of trouble with them. Together we figured out the problem and she set to work again. Tonight I got this photo from her showing me her progress
I am soo excited for her as I know she has been keen to learn to crochet. Great work Tracie Keep it up and you will have a blanket in no time! I better start on another of those project bags ...Tracie will need one soon!


  1. Thats so lovely of you to help Tracie learn,she has done a wonderful job xx

  2. Looks like she has it! Pretty colours in the block too.