Thursday, 23 February 2017

3 Bunnies ready for their new home!

I finally finished 3 of the bunnies I was asked to make. They will head off to their new home tomorrow.
I thought I only had one more to make but then someone else asked me to make another one last night so I still have two more to make! Talk about rabbits multiplying!! And I haven't even started on my OMG goal or my RSC blocks for this month, looks like the next few days could be busy!
Oh just incase anyone else is interested in making a bunny here is the link to the video tutorial


  1. Seems you've made a ? (what's a bunch of bunnies?). At any rate, they are very cute.

  2. Adorable bunnies! I just went to your video, and found out they are smaller than I envisioned. I'm just learning to crochet, so maybe I'll be able to handle a bunnie for next year Easter. Hope you get to your OMG before the end of the month!

  3. omg these are cute,well done.