Thursday, 2 February 2017

Ok so I joined OPAM today

I thought it would be a good idea to try and get something finished early so I pulled out my Amigurimi Bunny for my next project as I didn't have much left to do on it, only problem was I didn't realise one of the ears fell on the floor and when I cleaned up I vacuumed it up. So I then had to make another ear, but I couldn't remember which size hook I had used when I started it and I used the one I had become very comfortable with. Turned out it was too big and I needed to use the next size down. So after a false start I finally got the ear remade and then I made the arms and legs. It was so close to being finished I couldn't go to bed until it was done (hence the 1am post!) Anyway it is now finished and I have my first OPAM finish for the year, plus I can mark another UFO off the list!

Now what will I do next?
(Maybe I should go to bed since I have to do the school run in the morning!)

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