Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Another Step Closer

Today I had a wonderful day sewing with some amazing friends. I really missed joining them during the school holidays. I sewed the moons onto the blocks I had started preparing yesterday and then I did the blanket stitch around some more of the squares for my crocheted fabric quilt. I am slowly getting them done. I think I will blanket stitch around all of them before I start crocheting them.
It could take a while though!

When I got home I had some time to myself as Master Eight was visiting a friend so I did the rest of the prep work on those last four blocks of Hello Moon. Then I finished stitching the last of the blocks I had previously prepared. I also figured out how I am going to set them when I put them together. If I work really hard for the next few days I might even get the top put together. Still holding out hope that I can!

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  1. I did one of those quilts and did the blanket stitching too..... so effective...