Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Busy Day

Today I finished off the rest of my Meadow Mystery blocks for January. Now I have to wait until February for the next clue!

Last night Master Eight asked if he could do some sewing too tomorrow, I remind him he had a play date but he could do some on Wednesday.  He wants to have a go at making some toys after his last sewing activity was very successful, so today I cut out both a whale and a chameleon for him to try and make. He knew I was going to make a Hummingbird and mentioned he would like to try that too, so I ended up cutting out four hummingbirds as well, one for him and a few for me. Here it all is ready for tomorrow.
What's that you say? There are only three Hummingbirds there? That's cause I couldn't wait and had to start on one. All he needs now are some buttons to hold his wings on and some buttons for his eyes and he is finished! Melly & Me patterns really are so much fun to make! 

Although I think I might be doing more helping than making tomorrow ;0)
Looking forward to the fun :0)

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