Monday, 23 January 2017

School is back!

You would think I would have done much more sewing today since I had the house all to myself, but instead I cleaned the house. Ohh it is so much easier to clean when I am the only one at home!
This afternoon I went in search of the fabrics I had used to make my strip set for Hello Moon as I still haven't been able to find what I did with the ones I had made. So I cut out new strips and sewed them together. Then I traced each of the four remaining moons onto some very old vliesofix that I found whilst searching for the fabric. I had a bit of trouble peeling the paper off the back but finally I got my moons fused to the background fabrics. 

I am one step closer to meeting my OMG goal. How are you going with yours?


  1. Congrats on getting closer..... A little more work and I should make mine too. Love the moons!

  2. This is such a fun project. Good luck on finishing up your OMG.